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Other Vendors & Activities


Here are some other vendors that we've worked with and recommend, and some of the events we participate in.

Ruby Ranch Barn - Offers hands-on learning, nature exploration and skilled building opportunities, and fosters new connections through creative play. Their mission at Ruby Ranch is to create rich experiences, spark life-long learners and create tomorrow's innovators.  Located only 2 miles from the Petting Zoo farm, Ruby Ranch gives you a place to interact with the petting zoo animals in a family-friendly location. 

Crystal Collection Reindeer - Reindeer and goats are not compatible, so we don't own any reindeer.  But Bev, Daryl, and Yvonne would be happy to provide you with a quote in bringing their reindeer to your event.

B&J Evergreen - Cut your own Christmas tree, visit with Santa, and visit our animals at the petting zoo - all in the same location!

History Fest - Come join the fun! History Fest is held annually during the 2nd week of October at the McGowan Farm, Mankato, Minnesota. Kids get hands-on learning experiences with periods in history and have the chance to interact with other adults outside of their own home that widens their horizons.

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